Current Topics in Biodiversity

EEB 488


Fall 2004 Schedule


Class meets at 9:00-10:00 on Wednesdays in the Bamford Room




Topic (see below for assigned readings)

Sept. 8


Convention on Biological Diversity, what countries are doing

Sept. 15

Robin Chazdon

The many dimensions of biodiversity

Sept. 22

Susan Letcher

Global patterns of biodiversity: latitudinal patterns

Sept. 29

Mary Beth Palomaki

Methods for measuring biodiversity 1: local scale

Oct. 6

Corie Cann

Measuring biodiversity 2: landscape and regional scales

Oct. 13

Nanci Ross

Biodiversity and agroforestry

Oct. 20

Katie Boiteau

Global patterns of biodiversity: environmental gradients

Oct. 27

Brad Goupil

Putting a value of biodiversity

Nov. 3

Colin Young

Threats to biodiversity

Nov. 10

Sarina Lambert

Biodiversity and global climate change

Nov. 17

Tsitsi McPherson

Biodiversity and global trade policy

Nov. 24


No class; Thanksgiving Recess

Dec. 1

Katie Levasseur

Biodiversity hotspots

Dec. 8


The human side of biodiversity and biodiversity policy


Readings: [in file cabinet in TLS 314]


September 8; Gaston & Spicer, Chapter 6