Internship examples

Environmental Education in Wyoming.

"This past summer I participated in an Environmental Education internship at the Teton Science School (TSS) in Jackson Hole, WY. I spent 12 weeks at TSS and I was involved in all aspects of their small community. My primary responsibility was team teaching the Teton Junior Science School which is a weekly summer day camp for children entering grades 1-8. In addition to teaching, I also had residential duties for girls participating in the middle and high school residential programs offered by TSS. I also hosted and participated in adult ecology seminars. Due to the nature of the community, I also had kitchen and other cleaning duties. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at TSS and I think it was very beneficial for me to be involved in so many aspects of the operation of this non-proft organization. I completed my internship feeling very confident in my abilities as a field instructor in environmental education."

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